PET cans for food products
PET packaging has long been used in industry for packaging various goods. The wide distribution is due to the practicality of such packaging compared to glass, which it has almost completely replaced. At the same time, high demand contributes to its further spread. And if previously, polyethylene containers were mainly represented by bottles and vials, today PET cans are also available.

Main types of plastic jars

Polyethylene jars are available in a wide variety of sizes. They differ from each other in several ways:

  • ✅ volume;
  • ✅ color;
  • ✅ neck size.

The variability of parameters is due to the high demand for PET jars. They are widely used both in industry and in the private sector.

What products are containers used for

PET jars are characterized by their versatility. They are suitable for bulk solids and various liquids. Commonly used plastic food jars, for example:

  • ✅ bulk coffee, tea;
  • ✅ candy, chewing gum;
  • ✅ jelly beans, chewing gum;
  • ✅ spices and seasonings;
  • ✅ frozen products;
  • ✅ soft cheeses, butters, spreads;
  • ✅ breakfast cereals, dried fruits;
  • ✅ ice cream;
  • ✅ cereals and other bulk products;
  • ✅ sales and storage of jam, jam, honey;
  • ✅ sports nutrition.

This packaging can also be used in other industries: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paint and varnish and any other area where there is demand into a light, durable container.

When closed, such containers reliably protect the contents from air, moisture or stock pests. Therefore, if this question is relevant, you should immediately order plastic lids for jars the desired diameter on our website.

Benefits of PET jars

At one time, plastic containers replaced glass jars. The latter were not only more expensive (due to the higher cost of production), but also heavy and easily broken when dropped or hit. With the advent of polyethylene terephthalate, the problem was solved. This material is used to make plastic cans and has such important properties as plasticity and lightness. The following distinctive features are typical for containers made from this raw material:

  • ✅ light weight;
  • ✅ resistance to damage from impact or drops. Plastic can crack at most, but does not crumble into small fragments;
  • ✅ low production cost;
  • ✅ great variety of sizes and shapes;
  • ✅ recycling. Recycling helps to solve environmental problems and save on the cost of goods.

You can order a PET jar with a wide mouth or a narrow one, depending on the standards and requirements. There is no significant difference in the process of their manufacture, just different preforms are used.

Customization Service Features

Preform production – the key specialization of our company. We make blanks for the production of various PET containers, we make them in different shapes and sizes, depending on the client's requests.

Preform Factory in operation on a full cycle basis. We ourselves supply raw materials, prepare them, paint and directly blow molds of the required configuration. Also, our company is engaged in the processing of used plastic containers in order to make new PET jars with a lid. Thus, we not only take care of the environment, but also make products more accessible to customers, help solve problems with disposal.