PET Bottles for household chemicals

On the eve of cleaning up and disinfecting the booth, there is a large number of workers with a chemical warehouse of a different level of aggressiveness. For transportation and storage of powder, we use PET flask for butovo chemistry.

The material of the package was ahead of its main competitor - it was bad, for the sake of its chemical inertness, minerality and small weight.


Among the products used for house cleaning, they pack in plastic:

  • ✅ detergents for dishes and surfaces;
  • ✅ stain removers;
  • ✅ for washing;
  • ✅ for polishing;
  • ✅ paintwork;
  • ✅ car cosmetics;
  • ✅ photochemicals, etc.

A bottle for household chemicals may differ in shape, volume, transparency, color, thickness and other characteristics. Such diversity of products provides a single raw material – polyethylene terephthalate. The material is used to make cleaning powder jars, hair dye bottles, skull cleaner bottles and other products.

What PET containers are used for household chemicals

The following materials are used for packaging products with active chemical properties:

  • ✅ polyethylene – opaque plastic;
  • ✅ polyethylene terephthalate – transparent and colored PET.

Raw materials stand out for their strength, plasticity, and inertness when interacting with chemicals. The container is convenient for operation, transportation and storage of liquids. The packaging material tolerates heat and temperature differences.

Plastic containers for detergents come in different designs:

  • ✅ vials;
  • ✅ jars;
  • ✅ bottles;
  • ✅ cans. 

Accordingly, the product volume changes from 100 ml to 5-6 liters. There are various types of closures: threaded caps, sprinklers, dispensers, spouts, etc. Each brand has its own branded packaging colors, which are obtained at the preform manufacturing stage. It can be transparent and opaque material in white, blue, green, yellow and other colors. 

The Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Initially, household chemicals were bottled in glass and even metal containers, but with the advent of polyethylene, other types of packaging have become history. PET bottles quickly conquered the market due to their undeniable advantages:

  • ✅ Weight. Glass containers are 10-12 times heavier, which affects the transportation of goods. By loading an equal number of bottles of detergent into the machine, the glass guaranteed an overload while the plastic left room for an extra batch;
  • ✅ Strength. Polyethylene terephthalate does not break, which is convenient for transportation. Rigid containers have been replaced by corrugated cardboard boxes, making it easier to transport goods;
  • ✅ Cost. Inexpensive raw materials reduce production costs and the cost of the finished product for the buyer;
  • ✅ Security. Means do not interact with the walls of the container, retaining their properties. The absence of fragments and sharp parts in case of damage to the packaging helps prevent injuries among employees of enterprises and consumers;
  • ✅ Design. The material in the process of blowing takes a variety of forms, which makes it possible to produce branded packaging recognizable by outlines. 

When working with PET, you can change the transparency level, color content, add curly elements to the bottle. Certain parts of the container are made smooth for labeling. After use, plastic is recycled. 

Where to find plastic packaging for household chemicals

The preform factory produces products from high quality raw materials using European equipment. Specialists control every stage of the creation of plastic blanks, their compliance with international standards. preforms< span style="color:#000000;">, lids and handles in various colors, sizes and shapes. 

Finished products from the warehouse are being sold. It is possible to quickly fulfill large orders, as well as to manufacture preforms according to individual characteristics. Finished products are delivered throughout Ukraine.