Using preforms in geocaching

Plastic preform is used to produce containers, especially bottles and blow molded containers. This method is the most effective and widely used, because it reduces the cost of production and improves product quality.


Using Preforms in Geocaching

Preforms are typically used to store and transport drinks. But they can also be used in geocaching as an original addition to an exciting game. This is an extraordinary kind of entertainment, the so-called world adventure. The main idea is that participants hide caches in various places and share GPS coordinates with others using web platforms and special mobile applications. Using small containers to create miniature caches will allow you to hide treasures in places where a large container would not fit. Thumbnail caches provide new challenges and opportunities for search and geolocation.

Also, create hint-only preforms and scatter them around. Combine information from these caches to find the final one, which can be placed in a larger container. Turn your preform into a small pocket cache that's easy to carry around. Another interesting idea – riddle cache: place a piece of paper with an encrypted message in the preform, which the participants must solve in order to find the next point. This will add interactivity to the search and make it more exciting.

Benefits of preforms

Plastic preforms are suitable for use in geocaching, especially for storing notes and exchanging items. 

Among their main advantages:

  1. Water and impact resistant. Proformas are made of durable materials that are resistant to moisture, sun and other weather factors. This is important so that the containers can serve for a long time without the need for frequent replacement.
  2. Compact. Containers of various sizes and shapes are convenient for hidden placement: they can be hidden under stones or between trees, making it difficult to find caches.
  3. Masking. The preforms are easy to hide, integrate well with the environment and make it easy to create a hiding place.
  4. Transparency. Many preforms are made with a translucent body. This prevents accidental damage or loss of content.
  5. Ease of use and tightness. Users can change or add contents, the container opens easily and the lid stays strong and long.

The positive characteristics of plastic preforms make them a popular choice for geocaching fans, making it more difficult to play and enjoy an exciting treasure hunt.

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