Preform 46,2g

Preform 46,2g

Weight, g
Neck standard
OIL 39/29
Ø 36
End product capacity

Preform — This is made from polyethylene terephthalate for further production of dances using the blow molding method. Preform 46.2 g — This produces a clear color for dances with a volume of 1.8 to 3.0 liters and a neck diameter of 36 mm.

Advantages of preforms: clarity, flexibility, resistance to temperature changes

Preforma 46.2/36 May had significant advantages, among which we deserve special respect:

  1. Virobu's insight.
  2. Missiness to mechanical damage.
  3. Resistance to temperature changes. 

Other equally important advantages include durability, pleasant mouthfeel, minimal processing time and ease of storage.

Why should you buy products from Preform Factory?

Company “Preform Plant” offers a wide range of products. Here you can buy pens for PET dances, caps and preforms. The manufacturer has won the favor of clients due to the simplicity, reliability, carelessness and efficiency of his work. 

How to complete the order: packaging and delivery

You can buy a 36 mm preform in bulk by filling out an order with your phone. Minimum number of units available for purchase — 5600 (1 pack). Preformi 3 l before shipping, it is packaged in polyethylene bags, and then in cardboard boxes for safe transportation.