Pen 4.3g

Pen 4.3g

Weight, g
Neck standard
OIL 36mm
Ø 36
End product capacity

PET containers with a volume of 1.5 to 5 liters are used for storing and transporting carbonated drinks, water, oils, household and automotive chemicals. For convenience, the container is equipped with a handle. The handle for a 1.5 l bottle is suitable for a neck with a diameter of 36 m, which corresponds to OIL 36mm neck standard.

Advantages of handles for 1.5 liter bottles from the PREFORM Factory

Components for plastic containers are made from polymer by pressing under high pressure. Handles for 1.5 liter bottles are highly durable and durable. They are characterized by:

  • ergonomics – curved shape with grooves for fingers;
  • lightness – weight of 4.3 g does not increase the overall load of the product;
  • security – products are made of safe material that does not emit toxic substances.

You can buy a handle for a 1.5 liter bottle in a wholesale quantity of 3000 pieces.

How to order handles for a 1.5 l bottle

Company "PREFORM Plant" produces PET blanks and components for them for food and industrial liquids. All containers are manufactured according to international quality standards, guaranteeing their safety, tightness and durability. To order a preform, leave a request on the website. The company manager will contact you shortly to place an order. We provide different payment methods for individuals and legal entities, as well as delivery by postal services throughout Ukraine.