Adjustment of a semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

Semi-automatic machines for PET bottle blow molding are special installations designed for manufacturing plastic packaging. They are widely used in production due to the high demand for containers. A semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine can produce bottles of various sizes, shapes, volumes, and designs. It can be adjusted by regulating the parameters of the main components.


How semi-auto works

This machine consists of two main units: a blow molding machine and a carousel oven for heating preforms. Before starting the bottle making cycle, the oven must be warmed up (up to 15 minutes). The temperature regime is regulated for each heating element separately using a sensor and is set taking into account the size and weight of the preform.

After the oven warms up, the operator manually puts the preforms on the conveyor chips mounted in a closed chain, which transports them inside the chamber . In addition to moving in a circle in the furnace, the heads also additionally wrap around their axis, ensuring uniform heating of the workpiece.

Technological operations of bottle formation

The PET container manufacturing process involves a set of sequential operations. The main steps include:

  • ✅ operator placing preforms on the conveyor heads in the oven;
  • ✅ preform heating in oven;
  • ✅ PET preform transfer to mold;
  • ✅ closing of the mold, after which the formation of the bottle begins;
  • ✅ cooling;
  • ✅ opening the molds and removing the finished eggplant.

At the same time, in order to start the entire manufacturing process, it is necessary to adjust the operating parameters of the main components of the machine and prepare it for work.

the semi-automatic PET bottle blower

Pre-setting the semi-automatic PET bottle blower before operation

To start the machine, do the following:

  1. ✅ Check connection nodes.
  2. ✅ Provide power.
  3. ✅ Supply water and air to the system, check air pressure.
  4. ✅ Set the speed of the warm-up block.
  5. ✅ Turn on stove lamps.

After heating the oven, you need to install PET preforms on the chips. They, after passing the furnace, become transparent, the signs of turbidity disappear. If turbidity is present, then this indicates the beginning of the crystallization process. It occurs due to overheating of the polymer.

Crystallization line – this is the boundary that separates the amorphous polymer from the overheated one, in which the crystallization process has already started. Outside it, blowing does not occur. With an uneven preform temperature, the crystallization line may have a local or wavy character, respectively, and the turbidity spots will also be located unevenly.

After the heated preform has left the oven, it is manually transferred to the mold in the preform blower. Further, the process includes the following steps:

  • ✅ preform closure;
  • ✅ snap lock mechanisms;
  • ✅ sealing the neck and lengthening heated preforms with mandrels;
  • ✅ pre-inflate to stretch the preform;
  • ✅ inflated. In the process, the preform follows the shape of the mold surface;
  • ✅ product vent;
  • ✅ raising mandrels and inflatable head;
  • ✅ opening lock mechanisms;
  • ✅ mold opening.

The result is a finished bottle, which the operator removes into a storage container. This completes the blowing of PET and you can start a new cycle.

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