Tetrapack packaging: pros and cons

The harmfulness of many types of plastic, the ban on the use of some of them for the production of food packaging prompted technologists to create – alternatives tetrapack. The raw material got its name in honor of the eponymous company-developer Tetra Pak. Despite the fact that today other companies produce the material, the name has remained universal. This raw material belongs to the "complex" types of packaging, has a multilayer structure. Tetrapack consists of 6-9 layers, in which paper, polyethylene and a small amount of aluminum alternate. The sequence of materials and their quantity depends on the packaging model and the manufacturer's requirements.


Carton accounts for 75% of the total composition, which is why the packaging is labeled as C/PAP, which means « composite packaging based on paper. Up to 22% – these are polymers, and 3-5% are aluminum foils.

Pros and cons of Tetra Pak packaging

An important advantage of the material is aseptic technology. The process of filling the container and its sealing take place in absolutely sterile conditions, both the packaging itself and the contents are cleaned of microorganisms. In aseptic packaging, UHT products can stay fresh for up to a year. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to keep the contents suitable for consumption for a long period without the use of preservatives and freezing. In addition, Tetra Pak packaging is characterized by other advantages:

  • ✅ light weight;
  • ✅ ergonomic shape. Square packs are more convenient in transportation, when placed for storage. Compared to cans, tetrapack takes up 33% less space;
  • ✅ no bisphenols in the composition;
  • ✅ low carbon footprint;
  • ✅ recyclability

But along with the listed advantages, it is worth noting that the processing of tetrapack is a rather expensive undertaking. It is necessary to separate the layers and sort them by type

Another nuance concerns the production of cardboard, which is the basis of the tetrapack. Wood is used for its manufacture. This factor significantly increases the cost of packaging production and has a negative impact on the environment. Considering that the disadvantages of tetrapack are quite significant, it becomes clear why many manufacturers of food products and household chemicals prefer PET.

PET as an alternative to tetrapack

PET is a special plastic made without the use of BPA and synthetic estrogens, and does not require deforestation for its manufacture. Other advantages of PET should also include:

  • ✅ impact resistance;
  • ✅ more affordable production, which allows the use of such packaging for a wide segment of goods: drinks, household and industrial chemicals;
  • ✅ no aluminum in the composition.

More PET is optimally suited for the manufacture of water bottles – demanded goods, to which strict requirements of safety, practicality and reliability are put forward. To more accurately determine what is more practical and more profitable – PET or tetrapack, we also note that the production of containers from PET – a simpler, faster and more affordable process. Bottles are produced by casting from liquid polyethylene terephthalate onto preforms. You can order them from us.

The advantages of ordering preforms at the Preform Factory

Our company specializes in the production of blanks for the manufacture of bottles and bottles of various sizes. You can order from us PET preforms in bulk. We offer several models of blanks with different characteristics to choose from. Coloring in different shades is possible upon request.

"Zavod Preform" We buy raw materials ourselves, prepare them and make preforms. At all stages of production, strict control of technologists is ensured, so we can guarantee product quality. Throughout the entire period of cooperation, clients are provided with the support of a personal manager who will help promptly resolve the issues that have arisen, will supervise the process of production and shipment of preforms.