PET bottles: a convenient solution for liquid packaging

Polyethylene containers are a special type of packaging for liquids, gels and emulsions that have replaced glass vials and jars. PET bottle can be used in various industries. These containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At the same time, the demand for polyethylene containers is actively growing every year, due to its practicality and benefits of use.

The main types of PET bottles

Plastic containers are produced in a wide variety of types, sizes and shapes. It is used in various industries, so it is produced in different types. Vials can be classified into types according to the following types:

  • ✅ by capping method. They come with a screw cap for the cap, FOM (with a foaming pump), with dispensers or with a spray gun;
  • ✅ shape. The most common are cylindrical, but it is also possible to manufacture figured bottles;
  • ✅ volume. Made to order depending on requirements, there are bottles from 30 to 500 ml and more.

In addition to shape and volume, they differ in color. The most common options are brown and colorless. Basically, colored containers are used for products that need to be protected from direct sunlight to avoid oxidation. Most often, PET containers for cosmetics, kegs and bottles for pharmaceutical products are brown.

A wide range and variability is due to the great demand for these products.

pet vials with lids

Where PET bottles are used

Today, a 100 ml PET bottle is no longer a rarity. But it was not always so. Containers made of polyethylene terephthalate appeared in the 70s of the last century. At that time, it was a more practical and affordable alternative to glass bottles and vials, and today, in principle, it has practically replaced them in many industries. So, PET bottles are used in the following industries:

  • ✅ cosmetic. They are used for packaging gels, shampoos, various face and body care products. PET bottles are also used for decorative cosmetics, for example, foundation;
  • food industry;
  • ✅ paint and varnish industry for packaging solvents, dyes, pigments, etc.;
  • automotive industry. They are used for packaging technical liquids.
  • ✅ pharmacology. PET pharmaceutical packaging is used for syrups, potions, solutions, powders, powders for dilution and other products;

Such a wide range of uses is due to the high performance characteristics of plastic containers. We will tell you about the properties in which they are expressed below.

Advantages of PET containers

Before the invention of plastic packaging for filling liquids, glass containers were used. But they had several serious drawbacks: fragility, heavy weight, high production costs. The invention of PET solved these problems. A plastic bottle, in comparison with glass containers, has a number of undeniable positive properties:

  • ✅ accessibility. The cost of production of polyethylene terephthalate is several times lower than glass. This avoids raising the final price of the packaged product, which provides an important advantage in a highly competitive environment;
  • ✅ flexibility. Plastic packaging, unlike fragile glass, is not afraid of impacts, it very rarely breaks when dropped, but basically the maximum damage is expressed in loss of shape;
  • ✅ lightness;
  • ✅ great variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

In addition, plastic vials and bottles are recyclable. This factor allows to solve the problem with the lack of raw materials, environmental pollution and a decrease in the price of packaging. 

Why order PET preforms from us

"Preform Factory" is one of the recognizable producers of blanks for the manufacture of polyethylene containers on the Ukrainian market. Here you can order preforms  for containers of different sizes. Production is established on the principle of a full cycle, so you can order not only the size and quantity, but also the color. We will color polyethylene terephthalate granules at the stage of raw material preparation in order to give the desired shade to finished products.

On sale are not only PET preforms for the production of different containers. You can also order caps and polyethylene terephthalate bottle handles.

We are also distinguished by the individual approach that we provide to each client. We are ready to offer advice, assistance with the choice of standard sizes and preform shapes, we will ensure production within the agreed time. Products are sold in bulk, so you can buy large quantities of goods on favorable terms.