PET Plastic Oil Bottles

PET bottles for cooking oil are made from non-toxic thermoplastic. It does not interact with the product, does not change its properties and does not give it an extraneous smell and taste. PET bottle for sunflower oil is the most common type of budget packaging. Low cost is not the only advantage of such containers for transportation, storage and sale of liquid food products.

The benefits of plastic containers

PET bottles are most commonly used for filling and distributing liquid food products for a number of reasons:

  • ✅ light weight;
  • ✅ attractive design;
  • ✅ resistant to fats, acids, alkalis and other substances;< /li>
  • ✅ natural transparency;
  • ✅ high level of tightness;
  • ✅ mechanical resistance.

Vegetable oil container: types

Plastic bottles are great for bottling, transporting, selling and storing sunflower, olive and other types of oils. PET containers differ in volume, shape, neck standard. The height of the bottle and the diameter of the neck mainly depend on the volume of the container. The most commonly used bottle for oil is 1 liter or 0.5 liter of a standard elongated shape. There are also containers of a larger volume, for example, 5 liters.

Production Features

PET bottles are often produced by internal inflation molding. The method is a two-stage process. At the first stage, preforms for bottles that looks like a thin plastic test tube. At the second stage, the preforms are heated and softened, followed by air blowing, which makes it possible to turn the blank into a full-sized bottle.

This method allows you to produce containers with the same wall thickness, reinforced bottom and stiffeners.

Properties of thermoplastic containers

PET oil bottle is made from a special eco-friendly plastic – polyethylene terephthalate. This material is different:

  • ✅ high mechanical strength;
  • ✅ low hygroscopicity;
  • ✅ resistance to numerous bending and tension deformations;
  • ✅ endurance in the temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C.

Vegetable oil does not lose its taste and aroma properties when stored in thermoplastic containers. The use of such packaging together with a screw cap allows for a good tightness. This prevents air from entering the center and oxidizing the product. In this form, the contents can be stored from 4 weeks to 1 year, depending on the conditions.

How to order containers for storage and transportation of liquids

Preform Factory Company manufactures and markets high-quality plastic containers and accessories (lids, handles for bottles). We can buy a PET bottle for oil in bulk, including with a dispenser. The production uses high-quality raw materials from Italy, Turkey, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. Food safety of raw materials is confirmed by sanitary and epidemiological examinations. To place an order, call us at the numbers indicated on the site or fill out the feedback form.