PET bottles for beer

Beer has a special biological structure. To preserve the beneficial properties and original characteristics of the drink, you need to use a special container. PET bottles for beer are ideal. Such container does not come into contact with liquid, is characterized by durability and wear resistance. It meets the highest industry standards regarding safety, quality, environmental friendliness. A plastic bottle is convenient for transportation both empty and with liquid inside.


Requirements for beer containers

Bottling of a foamy intoxicating drink should be done in bottles with darkened walls to protect the contents from UV radiation. The sun's rays provoke chemical processes in beer that spoil its smell.

The bottle should be 99.5% full to minimize air volume inside. That is why plastic containers are made with the exact match of the volume.

For long-term storage of contents, containers must be hermetically sealed and resistant to internal and external pressure.< /span>

Why choose plastic beer bottles

Polyethylene containers are highly appreciated by environmentalists. The fact is that they do not harm nature. According to statistics, up to 70% of all polyethylene waste is currently being processed in Ukraine.

Other benefits of these containers:

  • ✅ cheap cost – pellets for PET are cheaper to purchase than raw materials for the production of glass containers;
  • ✅ good seal to prevent odor from spreading content;
  • ✅ high strength – plastic does not break like glass;
  • reusable;
  • ✅ light weight – about 20 g, which is negligible compared to its glass counterpart (350 g);
  • ✅ design variability – the bottle can be made in any color and subsequently pasted over with a promotional label.

Beer container making process

Excess moisture is removed from the granules before the beverage preform is produced. Dryers are used for this. Poorly dried granules form cloudy blanks with a non-uniform color.

After removing excess moisture, the granules are melted and mixed with a dye. Preforms are made from harvested plastic. In their appearance, they are similar to test tubes that are used in laboratories.

The mouth of the preforms has already been formed and is intended for twisting the lid. The neck of the container for beer drinks is equipped with grooves. This allows you to remove excess carbon dioxide when opening the container so that the drink does not foam and spill.

Before blowing the container, it is made plastic. To do this, the workpiece is sent to the furnace. Uniform heating is ensured by the rotation of the preforms along the axis. After that, pliable blanks are sent to a blow molding device to acquire the desired shapes.

Where to buy PET products

You can order plastic bottles for beer in bulk at Preform Factory. We have:

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You can apply by calling – call the contacts indicated on the site or fill out the feedback form.

There are 0.33 l and 1.5 l containers for pouring foamy drink. The manufactured containers for draft beer meet quality standards and have the appropriate certification. It can be used to pack not only beer, but also non-alcoholic products.