PET bottles for juice

The last step before the container is prepared is to darken the walls. They can be blue, green or brown preforms, which allow you to have a little bit of rіdini, but not її color. Bіla obscure containers are most often used for dairy products. The walls do not let in sleepy changes, saving in the place of ultraviolet radiation.

Where to pour it out

For the packaging of fruit vines, a 1 liter juice bowl with a Juice neck is available. Yogo was developed and hardened by the International Organization of Technologists, as if they were vibrating on the papyrus. The diameter of the lid and neck is 38 mm, which complies with the European standards of viscosity. Most often for vicory juices, preforms are used:


  • ✅ 1.5L;

  • ✅ 2л;

  • ✅ 3l;

  • ✅ 5y.

Sometimes you can drink in small volumes: 0.2L, 0.33L or 05L. Harvest a small container to work on an individual design after discussing the characteristics of possible varieties. The neck of the plastic forms is broken up with a small amount of sirovini, for which the packaging of the goods is cheaper. The reason is not only for the drinker, but for the endangered spozhivachev.

Why choose plastic packaging for drinking bottles

It is possible to show different sizes of warehouse containers, plastics, cardboard and other components at the police departments of stores near the warehouse. Depending on the packaging material, the price changes, as well as the reliability of transportation. Vyrobniki vypuskayut juices in PET flasks through endless transfers tari:

  • ✅ Vaga. Plastic significantly lay behind the slope, which makes it easier to transport and save;

  • ✅ Mind. The spring material is resistant to impact and deformation, do not be afraid of buckling and slight mechanical inflows;

  • ✅ Safety. PET is seen as a high chemical resistance, so you can pour gas, milky juices and juices in the middle. Material є safe for healthy'I people;

  • ✅ Nice looking. From the preform, you can see it as a dance with unique contours or an emblem;

  • ✅ Environmentally friendly. Plastic is recycled suddenly;

  • ✅ Low compatibility. Virobnitstvo does not require large vitrates for sirovina.

Blanks are converted into containers of various sizes. Labels with detailed information about the goods should be manually applied to them. Plyashki lightly kick at the hand, at the sight of cardboard boxes.

Find out the preform for your product

The preform factory is engaged in the production of preforms for packing rіdin. You can choose ready-made products from the warehouse or arrange an individual order with unique rice. We produce preforms of all international standards: Oil, Juice, Bericap, PSO. For blocking and transporting ready-to-use pens and lids on plastic plates.

Our company has European victorious possession, which allows us to create a great deal of high quality products in a short period of time. At the dermal stage of virobnitstva it is necessary to check the compliance with the standards. Delivery of products is possible throughout the territory of Ukraine.