Plastic cans with easy-open lids for beverages

One ​​of the hottest issues in the food industry is the replacement of beverage cans. The production of such containers is quite expensive, plus it requires the use of natural resources, the extraction of which harms the environment and is a costly process.

Plastic jars with lids helped solve this problem. Containers made of polyethylene terephthalate are not inferior to tin containers, and even surpass them in terms of practicality.


Packaging Features

Plastic beverage cans are completely sealed containers for liquids. The absence of seams from soldering makes them resistant to damage. PET containers are equipped with an easy-open lid that fits snugly to the neck and protects the contents from leakage.

Plastic jars are made by casting using special preform blanks. They can have a different volume, shape and width of the neck, which makes them a convenient solution for food production.


Potting drinks in PET containers helps to solve several important problems that accompany the use of tin packaging. Home – it's availability. Plastic jars are made from cheaper raw materials, plus the manufacturing process is faster and less expensive. In addition, PET containers can be recycled.  All these factors help to reduce the cost of packaging. This is beneficial for beverage manufacturers and allows them to reduce the price of their product, providing themselves with a competitive advantage in the market.

PET-MET jars also have a number of other advantages:

  • ✅ lightweight;
  • ✅ wide variety of sizes;
  • ✅ speed of production of even large batches of goods;
  • ✅ versatility;
  • ✅ shape stability.

PET jars with an easy-open aluminum lid can be used for different types of drinks: colored, transparent, sweet, low alcohol . PET – chemically inert material, does not corrode, does not affect the contents and is safe for people. 

easy-open lid

Easy-open lid benefits

The key difference between this capping is reliability and simplicity. You can open it completely or partially by simply pulling the tab or ring. The jar does not have a sharp edge after removing the lid, it is safe to use.

The Easy-open lid is made from food grade tin. It is attached to the bank with the help of a seaming machine. The capping is done by means of a chuck and pressure disc, which form the seam. As a result, when closed, the lid is airtight. It reliably protects the contents of the jar, but at the same time it is easy to open without using a can key.

Easy-open lids vary in size and design. If necessary, you can emboss, apply a logo or paint to any color.

Ordering from the Preform Factory: offer features

Plastic jars are produced by injection molding. For their manufacture, special blanks are used – PET preforms. They are made of thick plastic by blowing. Preforms come in different lengths and diameters, due to which you can adjust the volume and size of the container. During the blowing process, you can also change the shape of the blanks, make them in an individual design.

You can order preforms for the production of plastic jars with a lid in Ukraine from us. Company «Zavod Preform» manufactures blanks to order according to individual parameters. We also produce caps for bottles and handles for bottles, kegs. We work on the principle of a full cycle, we buy raw materials ourselves, prepare and paint them, so we can offer different design options for products.