Plastic sauce bottles

Any professional chef in a restaurant, cafe or food truck knows that sauce has a huge impact on the taste of a dish. It can add spice, soften or enhance the impression of food. For a beautiful presentation, a sauce bottle with a sharp spout that acts as a dispenser is used.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and author's compositions with a liquid consistency are poured into the container. In professional kitchens, dispensers are used by confectioners to decorate desserts with sweet toppings, chocolate or hot jams. With the help of a narrow spout, a plate can be turned into a work of art.

What features does a plastic sauce bottle have

Key quality for food – security. The container must be made of food-grade plastic that does not harm human health. Due to the inert qualities of the material, the content does not come into contact with the walls, and therefore does not change its qualities.

Lids for bottles are made in the shape of a cone with a narrow opening at the top. The design allows you to draw clear thin lines, dot and even write text. The main task of the cook is to create a sauce consistency suitable for drawing. 

The bottle can be:

  • ✅ from 240ml to 1l;

  • ✅ various colors;

  • ✅ transparent or opaque;

  • ✅ with scale on the wall.

The gravy dispenser is made of flexible plastic, which is comfortable to squeeze with the palm of your hand. According to the international standard, red opaque packages are produced for ketchups, mustard is poured into yellow ones, and mayonnaise – in white bottles. For other sauces, any color solutions are allowed. Often, producers of unique blends choose transparent plastic to draw the attention of the customer to the appetizing look of the product.

The benefits of plastic food packaging

A sauce dispenser is useful not only in professional kitchens, but also for home use. The main advantages of packaging:

  • ✅ Hygiene. Any visitor to a cafe, food court, food festival can improve the taste of a dish. At the same time, a large number of people use one bottle without contact of the sauce with the product or hands;

  • ✅ Versatility. Dispensers are popular with hot dog, ice cream and waffle vendors. In the kitchens of restaurants and confectioneries, there are several signed gravy boats with various contents to decorate ready-made dishes;

  • ✅ Weight. Plastic sauce bottle is lighter than glass, which is convenient when transporting industrial toppings and sauces;

  • ✅ Economy. The narrow spout prevents the gravy from spreading, helps to clearly dose the product with one touch;

  • ✅ Variation. The chef chooses the appropriate volume of containers for his scale of work;

  • ✅ Easy to operate. The bottle is used for premixing with a simple push, after which the container can be washed and reused.

After use, dispensers are recycled, reducing the negative human impact on nature. Owners of public catering establishments can put the logo of their establishment on the container, using bottles as advertising and branded interior details.

Where to buy PET containers for sauces

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