Tritan bottles - an alternative to PET?

The global ban on the use of bisphenol A for the production of tableware due to its harm to health, sharply raised the issue of the need for a safer alternative. Many companies struggled to find a solution. The American company Eastman succeeded, which in 2007 presented its innovative development – strong, transparent, heat-resistant plastic tritan.


The creators presented this material as absolutely safe, "revolutionary", actively promoting it on the market. This had an effect, soon tritan began to be in demand, despite the rather dubious reputation of the manufacturing company. The fact is that Eastman was founded by a fan of alternative medicine, who, among other methods of therapy, actively promoted urine therapy. In addition, the company came across falsification of research results (including on tritan). And in 2014 she got into an environmental scandal – during the accident there was a chemical leak. Because of this, 300 thousand people in West Virginia lost drinking water for a whole month.

Popularity of the material in the world

Eastman was the first to mass-produce plastic items using Tritan. After finalizing the composition, she set up an industrial production of baby bottles

This plastic soon became widely used for manufactured goods, and some other businesses in the US were using it in the food industry. Tritan began to enjoy special demand in third world countries (Latin America, India), China. The reason is its availability. Before the economic benefit, the issue of harm and potential danger for these states fades into the background.

In turn, Eastman decided to use these countries as a "test field". In effect, the manufacturer ran expensive marketing campaigns to spread the word about the safety of "innovation" on a relatively small budget. This was done in order to actively promote it in Canada and the USA after studies of the tritan material with positive results. By doing so, Eastman planned to increase sales and supply raw materials to more American companies.

It is interesting that some US manufacturers immediately took advantage of an alternative to bisphenol, setting up the production of tritan bottles with a volume of 5 gallons (in our opinion - 19 l.) The reasons for the demand for raw materials, the safety of which was not precisely confirmed at that time, in the following factors:

  • ✅ lack of other more practical materials;
  • ✅ decrease in demand for polycarbonate bottles due to the categorical refusal of consumers to buy them;
  • ✅ great demand for PET (3 times the supply).

However, tritan is not a competitor to PET in the US. Companies with access to polyethylene terephthalate bought it for the production of bottles. Tritan was used by those enterprises that could not purchase PET due to its insufficient quantity on the market

But as we wrote above, such a situation developed at the moment, until long-term studies of the material were carried out. At the same time, the manufacturer was not sure if the tritan was safe.

Material Research: Development Exposed

At the time of its active promotion on the market, Eastman (estimated at 7 billion dollars) assured customers that testing of the new material had been carried out. According to this information, the results showed its safety. But the methods used by the company were not chosen from those that meet honest business standards

As it became clear after studying internal documents, Eastman signed a contract with Science International for testing in 2008. Moreover, this company at that time already had a dubious reputation. She has been seen misinforming consumers about the side effects of cigarettes (commissioned by a tobacco company), leading to the deaths of several smokers. But that didn't stop the Eastman founders. They signed a contract for a study that involved using computer simulations to predict the release of synthetic estrogens from the tritane structure.

After independent research, interesting facts have come to light:

  1. ✅ Testing of tritana as a single component has not been done. Individual components of the material were checked.
  2. ✅ Triphenyl phosphate (CHP), which is part of tritan, is superior in estrogenicity to bisphenol A.
  3. ✅ CHP has not been tested for harmfulness, Eastman "forgot" include this substance in the list of tested elements. And this despite the fact that it was the most potentially dangerous component of tritan.
  4. ✅ When compared with polycarbonate, when tested for compound migration when heated to 40°C for 10 days, it was found that several hazardous substances were released from tritan at once, and only bisphenol A from PC.

Eastman, of course, did not publish such findings. The truth came to light after the Eastman report was evaluated by independent toxicologists at the University of California.

Amid the revelations, it became clear that not all plastic labeled "BPA free", which is also on tritan, meets safety requirements. Today, the "BP free" standard is more relevant, indicating the complete absence of bisphenols. Tritan cannot be considered absolutely safe; its use as a raw material for the production of food packaging is not desirable, although it is not prohibited. But, companies that care about their reputation are trying to use safer raw materials – polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

PET: a profitable and practical alternative

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET – This is a modern plastic, which is widely used in the production of food packaging, water bottles. Among its advantages, we note:

  • ✅ toxicological safety;
  • ✅ weak odor adsorption;
  • ✅ impact resistance, low temperature resistance.

These qualities have made it a popular raw material for the production of single-use containers. In particular, water bottles are blown from PET using special preforms for plastic bottles. In Ukraine, you can order them from us.

Company "Zavod Preform" is engaged in the production of preforms for PET bottles of various sizes. We ourselves purchase raw materials, prepare them for work, ensuring strict control over the quality of products at all stages of production. In a short time we can produce a large batch of preforms, as well as handles for bottles, caps for plastic bottles. In addition, each client is provided with an individual approach, the support of a manager is provided throughout the entire period of cooperation, which, along with a guarantee of quality, favorably distinguishes the "Plant Preform" in today's market.