Polymer lids with valve for napkins

For a long time, manufacturers of wet wipes could not find a convenient way to open and close packaging. The main criteria were: ease of use, reliability and durability. These requirements are met by polymer caps with a valve. They provide a tight fit, protecting the contents of the package from drying out. The practicality of lids has been appreciated by many manufacturers of wet wipes, and today these items remain in great demand.


Advantages of Using

The main advantage is practicality. Flap covers have solved the problem of reliability in packaging wet wipes. Among the advantages of their use, let's note:

  • ✅ Practicality. They are convenient to use and easy to attach to packaging, weather conditions and the number of opening cycles do not affect their functionality;
  • ✅ Lightweight. The covers of the wipes weigh less than 10g, making them convenient for transportation even in large quantities, and also eliminates an increase in the weight of the packaging;
  • ✅ Universal design;
  • ✅ Chemical inertness.

In addition, such covers are easy to install. They are attached to the packaging using machine adhesive. Machine applicators are used for their adhesion. They perform a whole cycle of work: from applying labels to spraying adhesive and attaching the cover. The entire process is automated and takes a few seconds.

Construction of Flap Covers for Wipes

Simplicity is genius. This phrase accurately describes flap covers for wipes. Their simple construction consists of only 2 main elements:

  • ✅ A flap that can be opened and closed;
  • ✅ A fixed base that is attached to the wipes packaging with adhesive.

The fastening is provided by the notches on the base and flap.

Flap covers are produced by molding liquid polymer. This is a hygienic material that does not affect the quality of the wipes, does not oxidize, and does not have a pronounced foreign odor. At the Preform Plant, we use safe raw materials. The polymer used in production is approved for use in the industry, including the manufacture of personal hygiene items. If necessary, it can be colored in different colors during the raw material preparation stage by adding a dye.

Covers for wipes are made in different sizes and shapes. These characteristics depend on the customer's requirements. At the Preform Plant, you can order white covers weighing 6.6g.

Advantages for Our Clients

Zavod preform specializes in the production of PET products. You can order preforms for plastic containers of various volumes and purposes, handles for plastic bottles, and flap covers for packaging wet wipes from us. We offer products manufactured in compliance with current norms and standards.

Among the advantages of ordering from us, let's highlight:

  • Fast production of large quantities of products. We have modern powerful equipment and can ensure the production of even large batches of goods in short periods of time;
  • Quality control of the products. Our company operates on a full-cycle principle: we procure raw materials, prepare them for molding, and produce the goods. Therefore, we can ensure control at every stage of order fulfillment;
  • Adherence to production deadlines.

In addition, every client receives technical support from our specialists throughout the collaboration. Our managers are ready to quickly answer any questions and assist with order processing.