Bound covers

To reduce the amount of plastic waste, people are developing economical types of packaging. Tied covers – a new format for plastic bottles, in which, after opening, the cap and ring remain a single, non-removable element of the container. The development has two goals: 1. Reducing ocean pollution. Scientists have proven that plastic caps cause the death of many wild marine animals. 2. Transition to a closed economic cycle to save resources.

In 2019, the European Union adopted Directive EU 2019/204, according to which by mid-2024, manufacturers of drinks and other liquids must abandon bottles with removable caps. The transition is carried out by all enterprises in the EU and companies that supply their products to the European market.

What are the benefits of tied lids?

The new packaging standard is called Tethered. It combines environmental friendliness and convenience:

  • the container is easy to open;
  • when pouring, the liquid does not splash;
  • reliably protects the contents of the container;
  • nothing interferes while drinking;
  • the cover cannot accidentally fall or get lost.

The tethered plastic bottle cap is designed in such a way that it can be fixed in a certain position. The product can withstand more than 15 closings and openings. After use, the entire container can be recycled, launching a closed production cycle.

Advantages of tied lids

The transition to a new packaging standard will not cause problems, since the tethered cover is Tethered:

  • made from the same amount of material as the removable model;
  • does not generate new waste, remaining attached to the container;
  • suitable for necks of different sizes;
  • ensures the same tightness;
  • does not require modernization of production.

The development is installed on bottles of standard sizes. There is no need to purchase other equipment, so switching to the Tethered standard does not entail an increase in the production budget. In this case, the attached cap is installed on a thin neck, which helps save 1 g of plastic per container.

Unusual characteristics of the lid design

The design of the caps has always been separate from the bottles, as they were manufactured separately from each other and joined at the final stage of production. Beverage manufacturers paid more attention to the uniqueness of the container. Non-standard container shapes, bright labels, colored materials, and logos were used.

The attached cap of the new sample is a monolithic product. It cannot be removed or lost, so the designers were faced with the task of unique design of the container, taking into account all the elements of the packaging. Several models have entered the market:

  • the lid is attached to the neck with a double rim and is fixed in one of three possible positions;
  • the cap is secured to the thread with a pin at an angle of 160°;
  • fastening is carried out using a thin belt.

All models are produced for necks of the RSO 1810 standard and shortened analogues of RSO 1811, which are used for bottling water, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, and household chemicals

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