Packaging of Dairy Products

Demand for milk and dairy products is stable throughout the year. Containers play an important role in preserving the freshness and quality of products. A popular alternative to plastic bags is plastic packaging for dairy products. It is a combination of good storage properties with practicality of use. You no longer have to worry about the fact that the package with milk, sour cream or fermented baked milk will turn over and all the contents will spill.


What container is used

For packaging fermented milk and milk suitable: glass containers for dairy products, polypacks – soft multilayer film, plastic containers, tetra-packs made of combined materials (cardboard, foil, film).

Each of the above options retains the quality of the content, but PET packaging for milk and tetra- packs.

Advantages of PET containers

The main advantages of plastic milk containers:

  • ✅ steady, won't deform, won't break;

  • ✅ practical to use;

  • ✅ have good barrier and tightness, do not let in third-party odors, preserving the taste, color and aroma of the product;

  • ✅ can be reused many times for domestic purposes;

  • ✅ transparent milk container allows you to see the contents;

  • ✅ sustainability. The process of creating PET bottles does not harm the environment. Polyethylene terephthalate is recyclable.

Producer benefits:

  • ✅ reducing production costs (compared to glass containers);

  • ✅ easy transportation, saving on logistics;

  • ✅ low percentage of wastage at production stages;

  • ✅ reducing storage costs – due to its strength, plastic containers for dairy products can be stored pallet on pallet;

  • ✅ the ability to create unique bottle shapes.

Characteristics of dairy PET bottles

The popularity of plastic as a material for making bottles for milk, yogurt, kefir is due to the following qualities:< /span>

  1. ✅ Safety. In addition to the key requirements for packaging, such as tightness and safety of products, an important point is the use of materials that are safe for products. Thermoplastic bottles fully satisfy this requirement.

  2. ✅ Comfort. This is a lightweight and practical package. PET bottle is convenient to take with you. It can be easily opened and just as easy to close. The use of transparent containers is convenient for the buyer – you always see what you buy.

  3. ✅ UV protection. White plastic reduces the effect of ultraviolet rays. Milk, like any food product, is not recommended to be stored in direct sunlight.

  4. ✅ A variety of patterns. The production technology of PET containers opens up endless possibilities in the choice of shape, packaging design, color performance. To get a bottle of the right color, you just need to select the appropriate pigment at the preform stage.

Benefits of ordering from Preform Factory

Packaging – an important stage in the presentation of the product. That is why it is worth entrusting the manufacture PET preforms for dairy PET bottles to specialists in this matter. Turning to "Plant Preform", you get:

  1. ✅ Certified preforms of the required configuration, size and color for dairy and fermented milk products, yogurts, kefir.< /span>

  2. ✅ High-quality plastic blanks, as well as caps and handles for finished bottles. The production uses only safe materials provided by European and Asian partners.

  3. ✅ We take into account the individual wishes of customers.

  4. ✅ We guarantee feedback for the entire period of cooperation and after the order is completed.

  5. ✅ Completion of work strictly within the stipulated time.