What Are the Materials of Plastic Bottles?

When choosing containers for long-term and airtight storage of water, drinks, milk, oils and other liquids, plastic containers are the best option. PET bottles – this is a plastic packaging marked "01". Can be used for food and non-food products. They are reliable, easy to transport and store, safe for health.


What PET bottles are made of

PET bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate or "thermoplastic". It is a polymer that melts to a liquid state when heated. This property of polyester allows you to create plastic containers of any volume and configuration.

PET bottles

PET containers are produced by blowing from heated preforms. At the "Plant of Preforms" you can order blanks of different diameters and sizes to obtain bottles from 0.5 l to 10 l. The container is not painted during the blowing process. The pigment is added at the stage of preform creation. The blanks are produced by casting from plastic granules. Under high pressure, the molten material enters cold molds.

PET preforms for plastic bottles are made from high quality raw materials from Italy, Hungary, Turkey, UAE. The materials used (polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene) are safe for health and can be used to make plastic food containers. This is confirmed by the conclusions of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise and quality certificates (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005).

Bioplastic bottles

The term "bioplastic" combines bio-based polymers and biodegradable plastic material. Plastic bottles can be obtained both from plant materials only (corn, rice husks, straw, sugar cane), and with the inclusion of hydrocarbon raw materials.

Depending on the composition of the bioplastic, there may be:

  1. ✅ Compostable – made from 100% biomass.

  2. ✅ Biodegradable (petroleum based). Not suitable for processing, special additives are used for decomposition.

  3. – Bio-PET, Bio-PP, Bio-PE. Not compostable, but recyclable.


Labeling bottles – determine the material of manufacture

Not all plastics are suitable for use in the food industry. The corresponding marking indicates the material of manufacture of plastic containers:

  • "1" – PET bottle (polyethylene terephthalate). Suitable for storing food and cosmetics. Safe;

  • "2" – PNP (high density polyethylene). Containers for detergents, shower gels, shampoos are made from it;

  • "3" –  PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Not recyclable. May contain bisphenol A. Suitable for the manufacture of containers for technical liquids;

  • "4" –  PVP (low density polyethylene). Most food bags are made from it;

  • "5" – PP (polypropylene). They make reusable plastic dishes;

  • "6" – PS (polystyrene). Used in the production of disposable tableware, food containers, egg trays;

  • "7" – other types. Not processed. These are products made of biodegradable plastics, polycarbonates.