Period during which a product can be returned or exchanged: 14 days, starting from the next day after receiving the product.

Which products cannot be returned or replaced:

  • Used goods.
  • Products that have lost their proper appearance or consumer properties.
  • Products with damaged seals, labels or original packaging.
  • Items made to order for a specific customer.
  • Goods that cannot be returned in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine “On the Protection of Consumer Rights.”

Who bears the transportation costs when returning or exchanging a product:

If the product is not suitable due to an error by Zavod Preform employees, return shipping costs will be paid by the company.

If the product is not suitable due to the fault of the buyer, the costs of returning the product are borne by the buyer himself.

How to return an item:

  1. It is necessary to pre-coordinate the return with the employees of the Preform Factory company. This can be done through any communication channel convenient for you, for example, through the "Contacts" section on our website.
  2. Ship the product to the address indicated on the package. If you do not save the return address, you can check it with our employees.
  3. Please do not send the parcel with payment on delivery (cash on delivery), as otherwise we will not be able to accept it.
  4. After sending the parcel, please provide us with the declaration number to track and receive your return.

How to get a refund for a returned item:

  1. Refund conditions are discussed during the approval process.
  2. Funds are returned in various ways, depending on how they were originally deposited.
  3. Please note that refunds are not made through the cash on delivery service.