Preform 84.0g

Preform 84.0g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

In the production of plastic bottles for food products, household and automotive chemicals, polymer blanks are used. The 84/48 preform – a popular model weighing 84 (+-0.84) g. Suitable for blowing bottles with a capacity of 5-6 liters. This is convenient packaging for non-carbonated beverages, technical fluids – automotive rinses, liquid soap (construction, household). As the name suggests, the preform 48 – has a neck diameter of 48 mm. The blank is made in a popular blue shade. The color can be changed to any other by agreement with the customer. A bericap 48 cap is required to seal the bottle.

Advantages of the Preform

The preform is made of thermoplastic PET polymer. Advantages of the product:

  • strength;
  • plasticity in both heated and cold states;
  • chemical resistance;
  • possibility of machining by milling, drilling.

Are you a manufacturer and want to put the company or brand logo on the bottle? The bericap 48 preform allows all types of branding.

Benefits of Partnership with Preform Factory

Looking for where to buy 84g preforms in bulk? Preform Factory is open to cooperation on the most interesting terms for buyers. The product is made from safe raw materials. Has quality certificates. Modern equipment allows for large volumes in a short time. We offer both standard solutions and individual developments.

How to Order with Packaging and Delivery Conditions

You can order a 48 mm preform by the phone numbers of the sales department, via email or the feedback form («ask a question») in the product card. Standard packaging includes wrapping the blanks in film followed by moving the corrugated box. Boxes are placed on pallets and strapped with polypropylene tapes or stretch film. If there are other packaging preferences, please specify this when placing the order.