Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Preform 37.0g
РСО 1810
Ø 28
Preform 38.9g
РСО 1881
Ø 28


Preform Plant produces modern preforms for plastic bottles. The blanks are created on the basis of high quality PET polymer using advanced equipment and technologies. PET, on the basis of which a 1.8 l preform is created — polyethylene terephthalate (polymer). This is a safe material suitable for the manufacture of containers.

How preforms for 1800 ml PET bottles are made

PET preforms are produced by heating and stretching a polymer granule. When heated to a certain temperature, the plastic becomes soft and plastic. Then, using a special tool, it is stretched and formed into a preform. At the next stage, it is cooled, a model is obtained ready for use for the production of bottles.

Form properties

PET is a material that is highly resistant to impact, chemicals and moisture, making it ideal for use as packaging:

  • for food;
  • juices, waters, lemonades;
  • certain oils and chemicals

In addition, PET can be easily recycled, making it a popular material in the packaging industry. Today it is profitable to buy a 1.8 l preform for the food and beverage industry, as well as other industries where it is necessary to package liquids and other products.


At the factory, the price of the 1.8L preform depends on the features of the model. Products are available in a variety of colors including:

  • transparent,
  • green,
  • blue,
  • yellow and others

The shade depends on the requirements of the customer. The thread of the neck of the bottles is designed to fit caps of various types and diameters. The sizes of bottles can also be different and depend on the specific requirements of the client. Preforms can also be ordered in various sizes including diameter, height and wall thickness.

The Preform Factory also offers the opportunity to order caps for bottles in bulk, apply logos and other graphic elements on them in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

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