Pen 4.95g

Pen 4.95g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Juice 38mm
Ø 38
End product capacity

Large volume bottles are convenient for storing juices, water, oils, and dairy products. Eggplants of 5-10 liters are common among manufacturers of household and automotive chemicals. To move them conveniently, you will need a handle for a 6 liter bottle. It is made of high pressure polyethylene, which ensures its tensile strength. The product is suitable for bottles with a neck diameter of 38 mm.

Advantages of handles for 6 liter bottles

The 4.95 g model is designed for containers that meet the Juice 38mm neck standard . Large sizes and displacement determine special requirements for components. The handles for 6 liter bottles are different:

  • resistance to mechanical loads – bending, jerking, prolonged use under maximum weight;
  • reliability – strong fixation around the neck without the risk of slipping;
  • environmentally friendly – food grade plastic is used in production, safe for humans and the environment.

Handles are produced in different colors, the most popular of which are blue, red, white and blue.

How to buy a handle for a 6 liter bottle

Company "PREFORM Plant" is a large manufacturer of PET products for household and commercial needs. Pens 4.95 g can be ordered through the feedback form on the website. Products are packaged in 2080 pieces in plastic bags and corrugated boxes and delivered by postal operators throughout the country. You can also buy bottle caps and preforms of any size with an individual design.