Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Pen 4.95g
Juice 38mm
Ø 38


It is more profitable to buy large volumes of liquids and easier to carry in eggplants with special holders. 6L bottle handles make it easy to transport goods by allowing you to lift multiple bottles at the same time without the need for bags or boxes. Holders are used for containers with a neck of 38 mm in diameter, and are suitable for a number of liquids:


  • dairy and sour-milk products;
  • juices;
  • household chemicals.

Bottles with a 38 mm neck are most often used in the food industry. Therefore, container holders are made from safe, environmentally friendly materials.

What are the handles for 6 liter bottles

Products are pressed under low pressure from polyethylene. Various product colors are available, including red, white and blue. Eggplant handles are resistant to sudden changes in temperature, mechanical damage and shock.

The holder consists of a ring that tightly wraps around the neck of the bottle, and a handle. The latter has an anatomically convenient shape. Wavy plastic fits comfortably on the fingers, does not cut the hand when carrying heavy loads. Products are intended for multiple use. For large-scale production, it is better to buy handles for PET bottles in bulk at the manufacturer's price.

Where to order plastic holders

"Preform Factory" produces handles, caps and preforms of different diameters for filling food and technical liquids. Holders with a diameter of 38 mm are quickly pressed for wholesale buyers from the highest quality plastic. All products of the company meet international quality standards, and can be used in the food or chemical industry.

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