Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Pen 1.4g
Ø 28
Pen 2.95g
Ø 28


The preform plant is engaged in the manufacture of plastic containers for liquid products in the food and chemical industries. Preforms for bottles of different sizes, caps, PCO, OIL, JUICE, Bericap 48 handles are constantly available. The company produces products of different standards to cover all the needs of manufacturers of carbonated drinks, water, oil, liquids for cars, household chemicals.


How did the PCO standard come about

PET containers are popular all over the world because of their light weight, strength and ability to hold gases. At the beginning of the 21st century, there were two types of preforms and accessories for them:

  • BPF;
  • PCO 1810.

For a long time they remained market leaders with an average billet weight of 43-38 g. However, raw materials became more expensive every year, and the environmental problem became more acute. Engineers and technologists were faced with the task of modernizing the thread of the container in order to reduce the amount of plastic consumed. 

The largest concerns for the manufacture of drinks, including «Coca-cola» and Pepsi, took part in the development of the "low throat". In 2010, the International Society of Beverage Technologists proposed the progressive development of – standard 1881.

Product Features

The main feature of the new development was the reduction in the height of the bottle neck. If earlier it was 21 mm, then in the new version it turned out to be only 17 mm. PCO 1881 allowed:

  • reduce the environmental load;
  • preserve the properties of the bottle, changing only the size of the mouth;
  • to reduce the cost of transporting products by reducing their size;
  • save money on packaging for beverage manufacturers.

The new standard is actively used for bottling carbonated drinks, water, kvass. The organization of production does not require additional training of employees or the purchase of new equipment. A small reconfiguration of the system for new dimensions is enough.

PCO 1881 half liter preform weight reduced from 5.1g to 3.8g. On the neck, instead of a triple thread, a double thread is used. Handles for PET bottles remain unchanged and fit all products of the Plastic Closures Only standard. The lid decreases along with the neck from 2.8 to 2.3 g. As a result, the savings on one blank is 1.8 g, which significantly saves the costs of the beverage manufacturer.

Ordering plastic blanks

Our company manufactures preforms for plastic bottles, caps and handles for the food and chemical industries. It is possible to purchase finished products from the warehouse or to execute an individual order. After consulting with the manager, discussing the volume of products and their characteristics, the Preform Plant promptly starts producing products.

The site presents two positions of white and yellow handles for containers with a neck diameter of 28mm. Slim holders weighing 1.4g are designed for bottles from 0.5 to 3L. Thick handles weigh 2.95g and are used for 1-4L containers. Products are delivered throughout Ukraine.

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