Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Pen 6.8g
Bericap 48
Ø 48
Pen 8.4g
Bericap 48
Ø 48
Pen 8.5g
Bericap 48
Ø 48


A large volume of plastic bottles is convenient for the bulk purchase of various liquids. However, heavy containers are difficult to transport by hand. For these purposes, it is better to buy handles for 5 liter bottles. They comfortably wrap around the neck of the eggplant, making it easy to carry:


  • carbonated and still water;
  • dairy products;
  • juices;
  • vegetable oils;
  • cooking sauces;
  • alcohol;
  • soft drinks;
  • household chemicals;
  • liquids for cars.

Handles for 10 liter bottles are made of durable polyethylene, pressed under low pressure. Sometimes a different material is used, but it must comply with sanitary safety standards. Products are available in yellow, white, blue or light blue.

The design of the handle for 5 l bottles

Holders for PET containers are made to meet difficult conditions of use. They withstand sudden changes in temperature, shock and other manipulations. The handles are attached to the container on the conveyor belt during the production of the product, and consist of two parts:

  • pens;
  • neck rings.

The holder tightly wraps around the neck of the eggplant, allowing you to safely lift it and move it over long distances. The handle is made with curves for the fingers, and does not exceed a certain thickness, so that it is convenient for a person to take it.

Depending on the diameter of the ring and the size of the product, they are divided into:

  • RSO standard – for small containers with a neck diameter of 28 mm;
  • OIL standard – used for filling vegetable oils into bottles with a 36 mm neck;
  • Bericap 48 standard – handles for plastic bottles 5 liters with a neck diameter of 48 mm;
  • JUCE standard – for containers with 38 mm neck.

Holders vary in weight and thickness. The largest handles are suitable for transporting 5-10 liter bottles with food liquids, household and industrial chemicals.

Where PET bottle handles are sold

"Preform Factory" is engaged in the production of holders of various formats. All products comply with international quality standards and can be used in the food industry. In addition to handles, the company manufactures preforms for bottles of various volumes and caps of the corresponding diameters. Orders are executed promptly and sent to all settlements of the country.

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