Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Lid 4.5g
Bericap 48
Ø 48
Lid 4.7g
Bericap 48
Ø 48

The plastic cap is suitable for capping food bottles and jars. Inside the product there is an obturator, which increases the level of tightness. Bericap lids can be fitted with handles to make transport easier. The material used is dense food-grade plastic.

Where did the Bericap 48 cap standard come from

A small German family-owned packaging company started its business with wine barrel corks. No one thought that in 90 years the 48mm cap would be used everywhere in the production of beverages, household chemicals, cosmetics and automotive fluids. 

The company focused on the production of cans, but by the 70s, another direction became a priority. Caps for PET bottles have proven to be a very popular item in the packaging materials market. Specialists experimented with the shape and size of products, creating many variations, including the most common – 48 mm. The firm later merged with a French manufacturer to create bericap caps.

Cap Types

All products for capping bottles are divided into two large classes:

  • for water – polyethylene cap on bottles of mineral water, carbonated drinks, fermented milk products, beer and juices;
  • for butter – used when spilling vegetable oil.

The lids differ in diameter, which can range from 28 to 48 cm for water, and from 29 to 79 mm for oil. By design, the products consist of one or two types of plastic. The latter option is used most often, because it holds the gas well in the bottle.

Another important component of the – safety ring that controls the opening of the container. It comes in several types:

  • Alcoa patent – the ring is equipped with slanted petals;
  • PCC patent – rectangular plates;
  • Fulytop patent – accordion on the ring;
  • THC patent – corrugated rectangular plates.

"Preform Factory" manufactures caps for mouths of various diameters according to international standards. All products undergo strict quality control before prompt delivery to the customer. In addition to covers, the catalog of the "Zavod Preform" contains handles for bottles and preforms of various sizes.

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