Photo Product Weight, g Neck standard Diameter End product capacity In Box
Lid 2.75g
JUICE 38мм
Ø 38


For the safe transportation of food and technical liquids, closures made of dense plastic are used. caps for plastic bottles are equipped with a special safety ring that controls the opening of the container. Products come in different colors:

  • yellow;
  • green;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • black;
  • orange.

The bottle cap with control ring is suitable for drinks, oils, cosmetics or household chemicals. Product height 15 mm, outer diameter – 40 mm. Products are made of high quality plastic, so they can be recycled.

How to make a 38 mm PET cap

Manufacturers use high strength polyethylene or polypropylene. All covers are manufactured taking into account operating conditions. They withstand repeated use, high liquid pressure inside the container and long storage time.

The 38 mm cap is made in several stages:

  1. Plastification. Raw materials are melted, with the addition of the necessary dye;
  2. Pressing. The resulting mass is molded under high pressure to a uniform density;
  3. Cooling. Rubber pads are added to the cooled two-component products and packed for sale.

Products must not let in carbon dioxide, must tightly wrap around the neck, be safe and environmentally friendly. The preservation of the product depends on the quality of the caps, so it is better to contact trusted manufacturers.

Where to buy plastic caps

"Preform Factory" known in the market of packaging materials as a reliable partner, promptly fulfilling orders. The company manufactures caps and preforms in bulk. The products perfectly complement each other and meet international quality requirements for PET products.

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