Pen 6.8g

Pen 6.8g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

For storing oils, drinking water, dairy products, scoops, as well as household chemicals and car cosmetics, plastic eggplants with a volume of 5-10 liters are used. To make them convenient to move, you need a handle for a 5 liter bottle. The product weighs 6.8 g and is suitable for containers with a 48 mm diameter Bericap neck.

Advantages of a handle for a 5 l bottle

Components for PET containers are made of low-pressure polyethylene. The material is durable, resistant to deformation, tearing, and temperature changes.

The product consists of a fastening ring that tightly covers the neck, and a handle with technological bends that follow the shape of the fingers. The advantages of the model include:

  • ergonomics – uniform load distribution, attractive appearance;
  • environmentally friendly – food grade plastic is used in production, which does not contain toxic components;
  • efficiency – The product is reusable.

Handles for 5 liter bottles can be ordered in different colors – white, yellow, red, blue, blue with individual design.

Advantages of cooperation with PREFORM Plant

Company "PREFORM Plant" produces a wide range of PET products. From us you can buy a handle for a 5 liter bottle, as well as bottle caps of the same color, including non-standard, for a stylish design of your products.