Pen 2.95g

Pen 2.95g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Ø 28
End product capacity

Large-volume containers are convenient to carry using the handle. The vertical position of the bottle reduces the risk of leakage and the burden on the porter. For containers with a volume of more than 1 liter, a handle for a 4 liter bottle, weighing 2.95 g, made according to the PCO 1818 standard is suitable. /a> on the throat with a diameter of 28 mm. The model is available in gold color, which will complement the design of the product and make it stand out among its analogues on the store window.

Advantages of a handle for a 4 liter bottle from the “PREFORM Factory”

There are special requirements for handles for 4 liter bottles. Such products should be durable and comfortable, lie softly in the hand and not restrict blood circulation under heavy weight. The manufacturer adheres to the following principles when producing PET components:

  • strength, reliability of the material;
  • environmentally friendly technology;
  • ergonomics, user comfort.

The shape of the product has curves that correspond to the physiological characteristics of the hand, which helps to distribute the load evenly. The product is reusable.

How to buy a handle for a 4 l bottle

To order products, fill out the feedback form on the website and wait for a call from the company manager. The supplier sells the 2.95 g model in batches of 8,000 pieces per package. Additionally, you can buy caps for bottles of the required volume in the same color as the handles.

Products are packed in bags and corrugated boxes, wrapped with stretch film. Delivery is possible throughout the country by postal services. You can pay for your order in cash or by bank transfer.