What is the thread on a plastic bottle?

Plastic bottles are sealed with plastic caps that are screwed on using internal threads. The threads resemble a screw-like pattern with grooves and ridges that match the corresponding design on the bottle neck. This sealing method ensures reliable closure and protects the contents from spills. However, different caps may have variations in thread parameters. This is due to the existence of multiple standards that regulate their cutting. In this article, we will explore the types of threads found on plastic bottles and discuss their characteristic differences in detail.


Types of PET bottle thread standards

Since the introduction of plastic eggplant manufacturing technology, a group of standards has been formed that regulate their production. In particular, attention is paid to the parameters of the thread on PET bottles and caps for them. These characteristics may differ for eggplants for different purposes.

Among the most popular standards, we note:

  • 38. Used for containers for milk drinks and juices;
  • Oil. Used for containers for vegetable oil;
  • BPF (decoded as British Plastic Federation). It is distributed in the eastern and northern parts of Europe, the CIS countries. They are used for eggplants for various types of drinks: carbonated and mineral water, kvass, beer, etc. This standard ensures reliable gas retention, due to which carbonated products retain their properties for a long time;
  • PCO – created in the USA, but is becoming increasingly popular in the European market. It is very similar to the BPF, also providing good gas containment, but is lighter in weight due to shorter threads. When switching to PCO 1881 or РСО 1810 provides material savings in production up to 1-2 g.

GPI – glass packaging institute and SPI – plastics industry society. It is these organizations that create uniform standards that ensure compatibility and interchangeability between consumers and manufacturers of plastic bottles and screw caps.

However, in order to ensure that the thread pitch, seat dimensions of the caps and the diameter of the bottle neck match, it is best to make them at the same time. We can help. Our company produces eggplant preforms and lids.

Benefits of ordering at the Zavod Preform

Compliance with fitting dimensions and thread pitch standards – a key condition that ensures the reliability of the closure of the eggplant and will prevent the contents from leaking or the ingress of air, dust. We can provide it in the production of preforms and caps for plastic bottles. In its equipment «Zavod Preform» has modern equipment that can be adjusted to current standards.

In addition to observing the regulated characteristics, we are distinguished by other properties:

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  • additional services: we can give plastic any desired color by adding dyes.

You can order production and carving on the bottle cap from us for various food industries. We manufacture them in accordance with all applicable standards. In addition, customers are provided with support and support at all stages of cooperation, so all issues that arise will be resolved in a short time.