Valve 6,6g

Valve 6,6g

Weight, g
Neck standard
End product capacity

PREFORM Plant offers a wide range of plastic packaging for food, industrial, and chemical products. The 6.6g valve cap is an ergonomic addition to wet wipe packaging. It provides convenient access to the contents without the risk of damaging the packaging (tears or cracks). The dispensing valve is known for its durability and does not break during repeated opening and closing cycles. Equipping hygiene products with such a cap sets them apart from competitors, attracting the attention of customers.

Advantages of the Product

The dispenser is made from safe materials that do not release toxic substances and do not change their properties under ultraviolet light. Other advantages of wet wipe caps include:

  • Reusable, ensuring convenience in use;
  • Sealability, preventing moisture from evaporating before the expiration date;
  • Simple one-click fastening mechanism;
  • Universal for pocket-sized and full-size packaging;
  • Safety for human health and the environment.

The cap for wet wipes is sold in batches of 2200 pieces. The product is packaged in durable polyethylene bags and placed in corrugated boxes. Such packaging is convenient for transportation by freight transport and postal operators.

Beneficial Cooperation with the Manufacturer

PREFORM Plant produces custom plastic caps of various types for bottles, containers, and other containers of different volumes. You can also order components (handles, valves) for the comfortable equipment of products. The company provides convenient payment and delivery terms for private and commercial customers. You can get consultation on the technical features of the products and cooperation matters by phone or through the contact form on the website.