Lid 2,65g

Lid 2,65g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Ø 38
End product capacity

From July 2024, the EU regulation on bottle caps comes into force. The attached 2.65 g PET cap complies with the conditions of the regulation.

The Preform plant produces an attached cap of the Tethered standard with a diameter of 38 mm and a weight of 2.65 g for containers with a volume of 3-5 liters. One package contains 4480 pieces. The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly, strong, durable plastic.

What is unique about the attached cap of the Tethered standard

The attached cap to the 38 mm bottle is distinguished by the presence of a movable hinge connection with the neck. The Tethered standard lid easily opens and locks 180 degrees relative to the throat, without interfering with drinking or pouring liquid.

The attached plastic bottle cap is made from the same amount of material as the standard model. Plastic can be recycled, reducing its negative impact on the environment.

Where can you buy a 2.65 g PET attached cap in Ukraine

Preform Factory offers PET preforms, handles and lids for containers with necks of different sizes. We guarantee:

  • compliance with international standards;
  • quality control;
  • fair pricing policy.

The attached 38 mm PET cap is packed in a sealed package during transportation. Goods are delivered throughout Ukraine. To purchase in bulk and receive a personal offer, contact our sales department.