Lid 2,10g

Lid 2,10g

Weight, g
Neck standard
РСО 1881
Ø 28
End product capacity

Unique design and excellent technical characteristics are inherent in the products of the PREFORM Plant. The PCO 1818 cap is a universal cap for plastic bottles with a 28 mm diameter neck and a capacity of 0.5 to 3 liters. The product is equipped with threads for reliable sealing without leakage in any bottle position. PCO 1818 Standard is suitable for beverages and non-food contents.

Advantages of PCO 1818 Cap

The product is designed to seal containers with various contents. Thanks to environmentally friendly components in PET, it does not react with liquids, does not release toxic substances, and does not change its properties under the influence of ultraviolet or oxidation.

Such qualities are characteristic of caps:

  • Sealing - reliable sealing of the contents and prevention of contamination from the outside;
  • Versatility - compatibility with containers of various volumes and configurations;
  • Reusable - the cap is resistant to mechanical damage and suitable for long-term use, during which its thread does not lose its shape and properties;
  • Ergonomics - the shape and texture of the product are convenient for screwing and unscrewing.

PET PCO 1818 caps are manufactured according to international quality standards. The product is tested by the experimental laboratory and the technical control department of the Plant. Continuous control of raw materials and components, stability of the technological cycle, and the main production is carried out there.

Manufacturer's Capabilities

The PREFORM Plant offers a wide range of products for food and chemical products. PET preforms comply with international quality standards and ensure reliable liquid packaging. Products can be ordered in bulk by leaving a request on the website using the quick contact form. Details of payment and delivery will be provided by the company's manager, who will assist in placing an order.