Preform 118g

Preform 118g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

For storing oils, household chemicals, cosmetics, and also clean drinking water, durable and safe packaging is required. The 118g preform is used for blowing bottles with a capacity of 6 to 10 liters. The 48mm neck diameter is suitable for using funnels or manually pouring the contents. Buy preforms for bottles directly from the manufacturer with favorable payment terms and reliable delivery.

Advantages of 48mm Plastic Preform

Packaging made of granulated polymer differs from other types of packaging in the following qualities:

  • strength – the 118/48 preform does not break or shatter when dropped or struck;
  • safety – the composition contains no toxic substances, making the 10-liter preform suitable for food products;
  • economy – plastic packaging, due to its light weight and strength, is cheaper to manufacture, transport, and store, and is also subject to reuse.

Bottles made from plastic preforms can be equipped with convenient handles and reliable caps, selecting their color as a set.

How to Order Packaging

The company «ZAVOD PREFORM» is the largest producer of PET packaging, guarantees high-quality products, as well as convenient terms of cooperation. By leaving a request on the website, wait for a call from the manager who will consult on technical and financial issues.

PET preforms are sold wholesale, the batch size depends on the type of blank. You can also immediately buy caps for preforms and handles for convenient use.