Preform 91.0g

Preform 91.0g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

Thermoplastic products are inexpensive to manufacture and convenient to use. The production technology is based on blowing a bottle from a PET preform. The 91/48 preform is a popular model used for manufacturing containers with a volume of 5-6 liters.

Application Area

This type of packaging is in demand not only among food producers and technical fluid manufacturers. Durable and reliable containers have found use among people leading an active lifestyle. This includes tourists, military personnel, fishing and hunting enthusiasts. Bottles can be used for storing water, beverages, bulk goods, tea, coffee, and spices. Such a container will serve as an excellent box for storing money, batteries, documents, and medicines. Its main qualities are lightness and airtightness.

Product Specifications

Before ordering 91g preforms, make sure the product parameters meet the set tasks. The weight of the preform is 91 (+- 0.91) grams. The neck complies with the bericap 48 standard with threading. The full set includes plastic lids of the corresponding diameter. The standard color of the preform is transparent. Other shades are available.

Preform Features

Advantages of plastic preforms:

  • compact size – do not require large storage areas;
  • safe material – food-grade plastic is used in the manufacture of preforms;
  • heat and frost resistance;
  • waterproof – the contents of the container are reliably protected from environmental factors;
  • long service life.

A bottle made from a PET preform will not break or sink. It can be taken on hikes, hunting, and fishing trips, and for deep-sea diving.

Preforms from the Preform Factory

The Preform Factory offers preforms of various shapes and sizes – standard and non-standard configurations. The product set may include lids and handles for plastic bottles. Call or write to us by email, and we will discuss individual cooperation terms!