Preform 79.9g

Preform 79.9g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

Physical properties of plastic containers – low weight, strength – easily explain their popularity. The 79.9/48 preform is designed for blowing bottles with a capacity of 3-5 liters. This volume is suitable for storing and transporting carbonated and non-carbonated beverages – milk, water, juices, oils. The convenient weight is actively used in non-food industries – for technical fluids. The container can be used for trapping rodents and insects. It makes excellent hanging planters and pots for seedlings, boxes for storing tools.

Product Specifications

The weight of the preforms for bottles is 79.9 (+- 0.8)g. The blank is made of thermoplastic – polyethylene terephthalate. Transparent, strong polymer. Resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohol, oils. The neck of the preform corresponds to the bericap 48 standard – has a diameter of 48 mm. The standard shade is green. If another color is needed, please specify this when placing an order.

Advantages of Using the Product

Why you should buy the 79.9g preform:

  • low price;
  • reliability;
  • compact storage;
  • low energy consumption during blowing – blow molding is one of the least energy-intensive technologies;
  • the ability to manufacture a complex profile with a curved surface;
  • versatility.

The 79.9g blank is a sought-after preform for dairy products, other food and non-food liquids.

Collaboration with the Preform Factory

The most advantageous in terms of time and financial costs is collaboration with the container manufacturer. The Preform Factory offers wholesale supplies of blanks of different form factors, sizes, and colors. The products have quality certificates and are safe for humans. If you also need caps for plastic bottles, you can also order the components at the Preform Factory. The range includes models for juice bags, plastic bottles with the possibility of additional handles.