Preform 19,9g

Preform 19,9g

Weight, g
Neck standard
РСО 1881
Ø 28
End product capacity

Plastic containers are convenient for both manufacturers and consumers. The 19.9 g preform, designed for a liquid volume of no more than 0.5 liters, is actively used by retail points, bars, in the production of beverages, technical fluids, and medicinal products. The polymer material is safe for health. These containers are convenient for bottling:

  • water, juices, carbonated drinks;
  • low-alcohol beverages (beer, cider);
  • kvass;
  • sauces and oils;
  • dairy and fermented milk products – yogurts, fermented baked milk, marshmallows, soured milk.

Preform Specifications

The 19.9/28 preform is made of thermoplastic polyether – polyethylene terephthalate. Due to its physical properties and chemical resistance, the material has become an excellent alternative to glass. The weight of the flask is 19.9 (+-0.2) grams. The neck corresponds to the PCO 1881 standard with a diameter of 28 mm. This standard indicates the bottle's low neck.

By default, this is a blue preform. The shade of the flask can be changed upon agreement with the customer. Lids with a diameter of 28 mm weighing 2.10 g and 2.05 g are suitable for the flasks. Each type is available in packs of 4480 pieces.

Why Preforms Are Convenient and Cost-Effective Packaging

What advantages have highlighted this type of packaging among others:

  • low weight – convenient for both buyers and manufacturers;
  • low cost – does not significantly affect the final product's price;
  • color choice – it can be green, brown, transparent, or blue preform.

Advantages of the Preform Factory

Need preforms in bulk? You can order polymer semi-finished products in any quantity and configuration at the Preform Factory. The products are manufactured using casting technology from plastic granules.


  • a range of products of different shapes, shades, and sizes;
  • quality control at every stage of production;
  • manufacture of related products – you can order handles, bottle caps with or without a logo;
  • reliability, hermeticity of the preforms;
  • best prices.