Preform 17.5g

Preform 17.5g

Weight, g
Neck standard
РСО 1881
Ø 28
End product capacity

The widespread use of plastic has also extended to packaging products. You can get any type of container, ranging from small capacities of half a liter to impressive 10-liter cans. The 17.5/28 preform is a polymer flask for obtaining a 0.5-liter capacity. This bottle format is especially popular in the food industry – among producers of juices, mineral water, non-carbonated water, milk (regular or condensed), carbonated beverages, vegetable oil, and dairy products.

Product Characteristics

PET bottles are made from high-quality polyethylene terephthalate. Primary raw material. Safety is confirmed by quality certificates. Containers are produced by blowing from heated polymer blanks automatically or semi-automatically.

The 28 mm preform weighs 17.5 g. The neck diameter is accordingly 28 mm. The cap has a standard thread for plastic bottles. The neck type is PCO 1881. This standard falls under the category of low neck. The flask is available in the standard shade of bottle green. It is possible to manufacture the form from transparent polymer, with the addition of pigments of other shades.

Product Advantages

What are the advantages of a 28 mm neck preform:

  • excellent dimensional accuracy – weight error is 0.2 g;
  • good impact viscosity;
  • high hardness;
  • optical transparency (on par with glass);
  • resistance to fats, alkalis, and alcohol-containing compounds.

Preform Factory – How to Place an Order

To buy a preform weighing 17.5 g, place an order on the website through the «ask a question» field in the card or by the sales department's phone numbers. You can also send a request via email. Contact details are in the contacts tab. When placing an order, be sure to specify the product type, quantity, and color. Payment and delivery terms are individually agreed upon with the buyer.