Preform 20.75g

Preform 20.75g

Weight, g
Neck standard
OIL 21/29
Ø 28
End product capacity

Juices and lemonades, mineral and still water for retail sale are bottled with a capacity of 0.5 – 0.7 l. For their production, a 20.75 g preform is used. It is made of pressed granular polyethylene terephthalate by blowing under pressure. The transparent container is equipped with a narrow neck according to the OIL 21/29 standard.

Advantages of 20.75 g preform

Blanks for plastic bottles are made from safe polymer material that is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. During production, plastic acquires useful properties:

  • strength – bottles do not break, crack or deform during transportation and storage;
  • ergonomics – Compact 28mm preform bottles fit comfortably in your hand and fit into most bags;
  • environmentally friendly – containers are reusable and recyclable.

Preforma 20.75/28 – a blank for the production of one of the most popular formats of plastic containers, which is in demand regardless of the season.

How to buy PET flasks

At the Preform Factory You can buy preform in bulk by filling out the feedback form on the website. The 20.75 g model is packaged in 12,600 pieces in polyethylene bags that protect against contamination and corrugated boxes. Packaging can be changed at the request of the customer. Delivery is carried out by courier service and through postal operators.