Preform 22.0g

Preform 22.0g

Weight, g
Neck standard
РСО 1810
Ø 28
End product capacity

Juices, carbonated and sweet beverages, mineral water, yogurts, and other dairy products are most often packed in containers with a volume of 0.5 liters. A 22 g preform is designed for making such bottles. It is made from granulated polymer, with a neck standard of PCO 1810 and a diameter of 28 mm.

Advantages of PCO 1810 Preform

The 22/28 preform has a number of necessary qualities for the safe and reliable storage of food and industrial liquids:

  • eco-friendliness – the polymer material does not release harmful substances and is safe for both humans and the environment;
  • strength - the 0.5 preform is resistant to temperature changes, ultraviolet light, and mechanical damage such as impacts and falls;
  • airtightness – the neck standard includes a threaded area onto which a lid can be tightly screwed, preventing unwanted substances from entering.

The 28 mm preform is versatile in volume and can be useful to large companies as well as home craft productions.

Where to Buy Plastic Packaging

You can order the PCO 1810 preform from the "Plant PREFORM" company by leaving a request on the website, after which a manager will contact you to discuss details and complete the purchase. You can also buy PET bottle caps in bulk. Products are packed in polyethylene bags and corrugated boxes, which are wrapped in stretch film. This packaging ensures the contents are preserved during delivery by postal operators across the country.