Preform 23.2g

Preform 23.2g

Weight, g
Neck standard
OIL 21/29
Ø 28
End product capacity

It is convenient to pour sweet and mineral waters and lemonades into bottles with a capacity of 0.5 to 1 liter. The 23.2 g preform is sealed with a cap that complies with the OIL 21/29 standard. The blank for the bottle is made in the shape of a flask made of transparent polymer.

Advantages of 23.2 g preform

PET blanks are made from pressed granular polyethylene terephthalate by blowing when heated. The technology minimizes waste, ensuring high productivity for intensive production of high-quality preforms 23.2/28.

Preform 0.5 has the following advantages:

  • durability and unpretentiousness to transportation and storage conditions – products are difficult to damage mechanically, they are resistant to temperature changes;
  • durability – PET bottles can be reused many times;
  • convenience – bottle preforms are easy to transport, they can be given a variety of shapes.

PET blanks can be ordered in a transparent version or choose any color of plastic from the offered range.

How to buy a 28 mm preform

By purchasing PET products directly from the manufacturer, you can be confident in their quality and safety of the transaction. Customers are offered a wide selection of blanks of various volumes, colors and neck standards. You can immediately buy handles for large-volume PET bottles, as well as color-matched lids.

Products ordered are securely packaged in plastic bags and corrugated boxes, covered with stretch film and delivered throughout the country by postal services.