Preform 21.8g

Preform 21.8g

Weight, g
Neck standard
РСО 1881
Ø 28
End product capacity

Using PET preforms allows for reducing costs in the production, storage, and logistics of plastic containers. They vary in size, color, and neck format. The 21.8 g preform is designed for producing a bottle with a 0.5-liter capacity. The weight of the product is 21.8 grams. The finished container is obtained by blowing the heated form. The technology allows for changing the configuration of the finished bottle, branding the flask or lid.

Product Specifications

For bottles with a 0.5-liter volume, you can order preforms ranging from 14.2 to 21.8 grams. What's the difference? The difference lies in the thickness of the plastic. The first option is acceptable for points of sale for bottled beverages. If containers are needed for transporting and storing liquids in warehouses or retail shelves, the 21.8/28 preform for bottles is recommended. These are denser flasks with a 28 mm neck. The standard presentation is in a red shade. Custom colors can be produced by adding a different pigment to the polymer. It is also possible to manufacture the preform without pigment.

Compatible Lids

The neck standard for red-colored preforms is PCO 1881. This is a low-neck format. It has a classic thread for screwing. When selecting compatible lids, pay attention to the "neck standard" parameter. It should also be PCO 1881. Red 21.8 preforms can be combined with 2.05 g and 2.10 g lids with a 28 mm diameter.

Preforms from the Preform Factory

Strict control over all stages of production, starting from raw material procurement, ensures the high quality and reliability of the products. Need to buy 21.8-gram preforms in bulk? The Preform Factory is a reliable manufacturer of packaging semi-finished products. It will produce and, upon agreement with the client, deliver forms in the required shade, size, and quantity. Preforms are transported in corrugated boxes placed on pallets. Before shipping, all products undergo strength tests, including impact resistance.