Preform 100.0g

Preform 100.0g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

Most modern plastic containers are made using blow molding. Polymer molds allow for containers of any shape and shade. The 100g preform is designed for the production of bottles with a capacity of 6-7 liters. This is a flexible, durable, and strong thermoplastic. Resistant to external influences. The material is safe for health and can be used for food products – water, juices, milk. Large containers are popular among manufacturers of automotive chemicals (concentrated shampoos, air fresheners, glass rinses), and household products.

Product Specifications

The 100/48 preform – is a blank made of polyethylene terephthalate weighing 100 (+- 1) g. It has a threaded neck and a diameter of 48 mm – corresponding to the bericap 48 standard. The default shade of the PET form is blue. Among popular alternative shades are green, white, and brown. The preform for 7-liter plastic bottles can be transparent (colorless).

Advantages of Preform Factory Products

Preform Factory – is a major supplier of polymer blanks for the production of containers of various sizes. The decision to buy a 100g preform at the Factory offers several advantages:

  • receiving quality blanks from certified raw materials;
  • the ability to choose the color of the plastic;
  • bulk orders of any batch.

You can also order caps for plastic bottles here. For comfortable transportation of 7-liter containers, the installation of handles is recommended.

Storage and Operating Rules for Preforms

With the active use of blanks, the question of proper transportation and storage has arisen. The packaging of PET forms includes wrapping them in film, placing them in corrugated boxes, and setting them on special pallets. To ensure that the 100g plastic preforms retain their qualities, they should be stored in a cool place or at room temperature. It is not permissible to place the blanks under direct sunlight.