Preform 26.05g

Preform 26.05g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Ø 28
End product capacity

Plastic containers — one of the required packages from the food industry. For this production, extrusion technologies are being developed. For what purpose do you need products made from polyethylene terephthalate? The 26.05 g preform is designed for the production of dances with a volume of 1 liter and a neck diameter of 28 mm.

At the first stage of production of 28 mm preforms, a selection of acidic polymer materials is required. Then create additional forms for casting the blanks. Then, after preparing the templates, fill them with melted polymer.

Individual contract

Company “Preform Plant” It prepares not only the standard preformi 1 l, but also selects preparations. In this way, you can add the desired characteristics and select ready-made products suitable for them. 

You can wholesale the 26.05 g preform. One package contains 10,080 preforms 26.05/28. You can fill out an application by phone, and delivery is possible anywhere in Ukraine by mail.

Why choose products from the maker?

Buy preforms We stand for many reasons, and we also guarantee:

  • promptness of application processing;
  • possibility of individual negotiations;
  • the zeal for daily possession;
  • great selection of ready-made goods;
  • reliable packaging and delivery throughout the country.

The company strictly adheres to the standards of safety and cleanliness, which ensures that all products from the whole world receive the highest quality products.