Roller-pen for water 17,5g

Roller-pen for water 17,5g

Weight, g
Neck standard
End product capacity

Drinking water supplies today are focused on significant benefits. To make them easy to handle, you will need a portable handle for dancing. Its unique shape and design ensure reliable fixation directly to the base of the container. Weight — only 17.5 g

Positive benefits: saving on materials, lightness, tightness, color

A portable handle for carrying a dance, in addition to its practicality, has other advantages:

  • saving materials — virus, so it can be vicorized a number of times;
  • environmental & mdash; for the production of vikoryst, use safe plastic without adding toxic substances;
  • lightness — the small amount of water does not impede the process of transporting water at all, in which reliability and safety are guaranteed;
  • tightness — If you choose to do this, there is a risk of exclusion;
  • color — The purple handle does not interfere with the sophisticated design of the packaging.

These are the advantages of using this device to meet the requirements, as its practicality has already been appreciated by industry professionals. 

Why should you buy products from Preform Factory?

Company “Preform Plant” has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and distributor of blanks for PET containers, including handles and caps for PET containers. In addition to the products, a service is available for the preparation of viruses for processing. If you need a portable handle for dancing, this is possible. 

Wash your mind: what is the minimum amount of handles you can wash?

You can buy portable pens for dancing in one package. There are 496 pieces in the package. You can fill out a contract over the phone. Delivery is possible throughout Ukraine.