Pen 5,95g

Pen 5,95g

Weight, g
Neck standard
JUICE 38мм
Ø 38
End product capacity

Plastic containers in the form of bottles and eggplants are used for storing and transporting liquids for food or household purposes. To make it easier to move them, a handle for a 3 liter bottle will be useful. It can be used to hold several containers in one hand in a vertical position, preventing leakage.

When making handles for 3 liter bottles, Juice 38mm neck standard is used, while the weight product is 5.95 g.

Features of making a handle for a 3 l bottle

Opaque components for plastic containers are made of polyethylene at low pressure. The technology ensures the plastic's tensile strength and elasticity. For containers of 3-5 liters with a neck diameter of 38 mm, you can order a 5.95 g handle. It is produced in a standard white color, but upon individual order you can choose red, blue, yellow, green or other colors. You can also order engraving of your company logo and technical inscriptions.

Advantages of purchasing PET products from the PREFORM Plant

Preforms and components for them from the manufacturer are of high quality and can be individually ordered. The company "PREFORM Plant" you can buy a handle for a 3L bottle and caps for PET bottles at a wholesale price with documentary support and delivery throughout the country. Managers will take into account all wishes and requirements regarding design, quantity and terms of cooperation to ensure maximum comfort and security of the transaction.