Roller-pen white 17,5g

Roller-pen white 17,5g

Weight, g
Neck standard
End product capacity

Trimach handle for plastic dances — This is even more difficult. Due to its neutral design, ergonomic shape and small size, it is ideally suited for household and industrial needs. 

Advantages: savings in materials, lightness, tightness, color

Other advantages of trimmer handles for water dancing:

  1. Saving materials. I squeeze the handle for the dance, you can use it without limiting the number of times. 
  2. Safety. This type of plastic does not contain toxic substances and is safe.
  3. Lightness. A model of a handle-grip for dancing is presented, weighing only 17.5 grams, which is why its obviousness does not in any way affect the weight of the container.
  4. Tightness. The handle of the trimach for important dances is securely fixed to the base of the container, so it does not fall off or bind. 
  5. Color. White color — universal. You will go to any dance and will not become a bright accent.

The creation of trimmer handles for dancing water in preparation allows you to incorporate any of your ideas into life. Materials, design, shape, size, color, etc. — You can choose independently. 

Why should you buy products from Preform Factory?

“Preform Plant” — a great competitor over the market. Vikoristannya safe sirov, new ownership, bitterness control, warranty on vibration, permanent development — the company's unchanging values.

How to understand: packaging and delivery

You can buy a trim handle in one package — 496 pieces. The order can be completed by telephone, and delivery is possible by mail throughout Ukraine. The products are securely packaged in polyethylene bags and then in a corrugated box.