roller-pen 17,5g

roller-pen 17,5g

Weight, g
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Drinking water suppliers know what kind of stress they have to deal with, because the weight of a bottle can reach 10 liters or more. To make it convenient to handle such containers, you will need a roller handle for the bottle. This is a device with a unique design for secure fixation at the base of the container and its easy movement. The weight of the product is 17.5 g, it does not bend or deform when working with high loads.

Advantages of a roller handle for a bottle

The roller handle for plastic bottles is made of safe plastic, which does not contain toxic components. When heated, the product does not emit harmful substances and can be used for working with food products. Product advantages:

  • saving materials – the product is reusable;
  • lightness – the light weight does not burden the porter, while the material provides the necessary strength for working with heavy containers;
  • tightness – the PET roller handle is securely fixed to the container without the risk of slipping;
  • color – the attractive blue color will not disrupt the packaging design.

The design of the product can be changed by adding a branded engraving or changing the color.

How to buy a roller handle for a bottle

Order handles for PET bottles, as well as caps for PET bottles are available at the "PREFORM Factory" wholesale with delivery throughout the country. Products are securely packaged in bags, corrugated boxes and stretch film, and delivered by postal services. To place an order, leave a request on the website.