Pen 8,3g

Pen 8,3g

Weight, g
Neck standard
Bericap 48
Ø 48
End product capacity

In order to conveniently transport liquids in large-volume containers, special fastening is required. The handles for the 10 liter bottle weighing 8.3 g are made of durable plastic that is resistant to high loads. The model has an expanded area under the fingers, which reduces pressure and allows you to hold a full container of 5-20 liters longer.

Features of the handle for a 10 l bottle

The product is produced by pressing polyethylene under low pressure. During the manufacturing process, plastic gains strength and flexibility, while it does not deform under load and when the ambient temperature changes. Features of the model include:

Intended for wide-neck bottles with a diameter of 48 mm according to Bericarp 48 standard;

  • increased strength;
  • reliable fixation on PET containers;
  • safety for humans due to the use of food-grade plastic.

The handle for the 10 liter water bottle is available in red, but the design can be changed based on individual preferences.

Why is it worth buying a handle for a 10l bottle from the PREFORM Factory

The company is the largest manufacturer of PET preforms and components for them. From us you can order blanks for any displacement, select handles and lids for the required diameter. Handles for 10 liter bottles are sold in bulk, 1200 pieces per pack. Products can be ordered with delivery throughout Ukraine and payment in cash or by bank transfer.